Artificial Rumen

Bioscreen Technologies Research Laboratories

In order to reproduce ruminal conditions in vitro and to evaluate the degradability of nutrients, Bioscreen is equipped with theDaisy pilot plant (Ankom Technologies), totally innovative system for evaluating the ruminal degradability of nutrients.
The experiment and technological process was adapted and validated at the University of Udine for determining the bypass of microencapsulated products with MLCtechnology.

Artificial rumen by-pass analysis of rumen protected feed additives

Daisy is essential to Bioscreen for conducting the work in a rigorous manner and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the formulations:

  • Development of new products
  • Quality contro
  • Test for the effectiveness of the additives


  • Ruminal fluid is collected only from dairy cows in full production, when the rumen’s activity is at its greatest.
  • The fluid collection time is necessarily very brief, so as not to alter the physiological conditions.
  • The analytic process begins within120 minutes after collection, so as not to alter the fermentative capacity of the ruminal fluid.
  • The analytic conditions in vitro are identical to the animal’s physiological conditions. The temperature of 39°C in anaerobic conditions is obtained by insufflating CO2 inside the containers.