Artificial intestine

Bioscreen Technologies Research Laboratories

In order to simulate real intestinal conditions in the animals, Bioscreen developed a procedure called Biotest, to show the bioavailability of the formulations and products.
Biotest evaluates the intestinal digestibility of the microgranule, as it is established that the amino acids, choline, vitamins and many other active ingredients are absorbed by the intestinal cells.

Bioavailability analysis of rumen protected feed additives MLC patented technology

Biotest is essential to Bioscreen for conducting the work in a rigorous manner and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the formulations:

  • Development of new products
  • Quality control
  • Test for the effectiveness of the additives
bioscreen technologies intestino artificiale
bioscreen technologies biotest


Recreate, in vitro, the conditions in the stomach:

  • very low pH
  • presence of gastric enzymes
  • temperature 39°C
  • for a total time of approximately 2 hours.

Next the conditions of the duodenum and jejunum are recreated, intestinal tracts that are not physically separated from each other:

  • ph 6.8
  • presence of pancreatic and intestinal enzymes
  • temperature 39° C
  • for a total time of approximately 22 hours.