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“Where science is at work, through correct methods and technologies, there we may find success”

BIOSCREEN TECHNOLOGIES simplifies your work, making it more profitable and secure. Our references are the most advanced scientific models of breeding analysis, knowledge that we renew every day.
BIOSCREEN TECHNOLOGIES works with safety and expertise in modern animal husbandry, using an innovative method: it not only offers products but, starting with the customers’ needs, it proposes the right solutions, based on the use of its own technologies, validated and recognized by the scientific community.
Safety in animal nutrition is a constant inBIOSCREEN TECHNOLOGIES‘work. We want to help the entire sector grow, with innovative nutritional, technological, legal and ethical contributions that characterize us as one of the benchmarks in the food industry, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Who we work for:

THE INDUSTRY, to satisfy new needs and requirements in livestock nutrition, and more;

BREEDERS who produce meat, milk and eggs, for both direct marketing and through others;

FARMS that combine production and processing, with their own brands and products for normal trade and supermarkets/mass retail.

Where we are needed:

In support of basic nutrition, to make it fully bioavailable, to get the most from foods. Apart from nutritional needs. In specific situations where nutrients have therapeutic action or provide physiological support to the animals (clinical nutrition).


  • Well-being of the animals
  • Productive and reproductive performance
  • Optimization of nutrients
  • Economy in nutrition


Bioscreen avails itself of the research and the know-how of Italian and foreign universities and research centers in order to create our products and validate their effectiveness.



GMP + B1

The production processes are clearly definited, monitored and evaluated to ensure a high quality standard for its products. “Good Manufacturing Practice” e “Good Documentation Practice”.
certicazione gmppluscertificazione gmp

(hazard Analysis Critical Control points)

Plant recognition number: α-ITM00001FC. The plant is qualified for the production of nutritional supplements for human use.

certificazione haccpcerticazione Fami QS