On August 29, 2018, Balchem ​​Corporation (NASDAQ: BCPC), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Balchem Italia S.r.l., acquired Bioscreen Technologies, S.r.l. Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health segment provides a growing portfolio of encapsulated nutrients, choline products and chelated minerals. Read more.

Our work to improve nutrition

Bioscreen Technologies is the “start and finish” of a business journey that began over thirty years ago, in the development of technologies and products for animal and human nutrition.

Bioscreen Technologies Research & innovation

Significant benefits in the nutrition of production livestock


Bioscreen Technologies Enhancing nutrition

SCSF - safe controlled selected-fermentation bioscreen technologiesMLC - multi layer coating bioscreen technologiesSCE - spray cooling encapsulation bioscreen technologiesHBTE - high bioavailability trace elements bioscreen technologies

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Bioscreen Technologies
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Artificial rumen by-pass analysis
of rumen protected feed additives

Bioavailability analysis
of rumen protected feed additives MLC patented technology

The di Bioscreen Technologies “GOAL”

The use of Bioscreen Technologies additives garantisce rilevanti vantaggi nella guarantees significant benefits in the nutrition of production livestock:

It increases the repeatability of the effects

Technological development resulting from scientific research is the only effective guarantee in most usage conditions.

It strengthens that which is in nature

Nutrition science orchestrates and amplifies the effects of the active ingredients found in nature.

It increases diet/ration yield

The prime objective of food animals is the transformation of plant foods into animal protein.

It optimizes the efficiency of the nutrients

Some active ingredients have the effect of strengthening the yield of nutrients.


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